Intellectual Property Strategy

As the largest intellectual property law firm in New Mexico, Peacock Law has extensive experience with providing comprehensive IP protection for our clients. Our services are designed to help our clients successfully navigate every step of the process of obtaining IP protection, from start-up to commercialization, or from conception to licensing. At the same time, we pride ourselves in maintaining a hands-on, one-on-one personal approach with each client. We collaborate with our clients to develop a comprehensive portfolio of IP services. At Peacock Law we strive not only to meet our clients’ present needs, but also to plan strategies to respond proactively to ever-changing industry demands.

Local & International Expertise

The attorneys, patent attorneys, and patent agents at Peacock Law are subject-matter experts, in addition to possessing significant legal experience in working with clients across the country and internationally. We’re equipped to handle the full range of IP services, to protect you wherever your market may take you.

A Full Range of IP Services

In order to obtain the broadest protection for your IP, we look at the whole picture.  Your products, ideas, and creations can often be protected in more ways than one.  Even something as simple as a door knob may call for a number of different intellectual property strategies, for example, a design patent for its unique ornamental design, a utility patent for how it functions, a copyright registration application for certain aspects of its creative décor, a trademark registration application for its name, and licensing agreements for its distribution.  Only an IP-specialized attorney can see the many layers of rights you are entitled to and that are best for you in light of your goals.

Ongoing IP Protection

Obtaining IP protection represents only part of the equation. Peacock Law also provides business agreement and litigation services to ensure the ongoing confidentiality, exclusivity, and profitability of our clients’ intellectual property rights. Our services include drafting confidentiality, noncompete, licensing, and joint development agreements. We also work to enforce our clients’ IP rights through cease and desist letters or demand lettersand when necessary, through litigation.

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