Optics & Communications

Optical technologies are essential elements in industries ranging from consumer electronics to medical imaging to lasers. The communications industry involves a very wide spectrum of technologies of diverse disciplines, from the parts and methods behind cellular networks to data pattern recognition software.  Peacock Law regularly assists clients in the optics and communications industries create value from their intellectual property, be that in obtaining legal protection for their innovation, or bringing certainty to their business and development relationships.

Innovations in Optics

Innovations in optics have led to significant changes in a number of industries. For instance, medical imaging and nanotechnology have revolutionized both diagnosis and treatment. Many surgeries that formerly required major incisions can now be accomplished with laparoscopic probes, minimizing the risk of infection and recovery time. The computers nearly everyone carries in their pocket allow users to watch live television and create their own streaming video. Pattern recognition has become integrated in security (authorized entry) and law enforcement (recognition of alleged perpetrators).  Data can be transmitted faster than ever with optical lines.

Licensing & Collaborative Agreements

Licensing and collaborative agreements are natural strategies for monetizing innovations and inventions, including those involving optics. As a full-service IP law firm, Peacock Law not only assists clients in obtaining IP protection, but also drafts licensing agreements that specify which rights are being assigned, as well as the duration of the assignment. We also create collaborative agreements that allow multiple entities to develop services and innovations that would be impossible for either party to create alone.  These agreements specify which entity or individual owns specified aspects of the collaborative product, so that a mobile app developer and a streaming video service creating a live streaming service, each obtain equitable benefit from the arrangement and the relationship can progress with certainty and mutual understanding.

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