Metallurgy & Materials Science

While unseen or unknown to most, innovative materials make all the difference in the world.  Innovative materials can increase the production of electricity in photovoltaic cells, provide a stronger structure for a bridge, or healthier cosmetics.  Peacock Law assists clients in bringing value to their material innovations, be it through obtaining valid patents or guiding a product through a regulated market.

Innovation & IP Protection

Metallurgy and materials science is associated with exciting advancements in fields like nanotechnology, potentially game-changing materials like graphene, hypoallergenic mineral cosmetics, and wearable tech. With experts having the backgrounds necessary to understand the often complex subject matter of innovative materials, Peacock Law is uniquely equipped to advise clients on preparing their innovations for the market while also assisting them in obtaining intellectual property protection.

 One of the most important decisions in obtaining IP protection is whether to pursue a patent or to maintain the innovative material as a trade secret.  Making the wrong choice can make or break the future of a company.

Licensing & Monetization

For many inventors and innovators, the goal is to bring their products and services to market to make a profit, for others, the goal is to license their intellectual property to entities capable of doing that for them.  Peacock Law is prepared to help you through either path.  We have drafted thousands of licensing, nondisclosure, confidentiality, and noncompete agreements designed to protect IP rights owners from improper distribution and use of their innovations and inventions.  We have also assisted our clients in forming corporations and obtaining investment to sell the product themselves.

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