Perhaps no industry has more of an impact on daily life than the energy industry. Innovations in resource extraction, refinement, and energy distribution affect all aspects of life.  Power for daily commutes, metals for batteries, and plastics for household products all depend on the energy industry.  The industry is rapidly changing, with innovations in renewable sources of energy, such as wind, solar, and hydro creating viable alternatives to carbon-based energy sources.  New extraction and refining techniques also serve to make current processes more environmentally sustainable and to allow access to new mineral deposits.  At Peacock Law, we understand energy and have the subject matter expertise necessary to bring value to intellectual property in the energy industry.

Energy Production Innovations & Monetization

Most innovations in the energy sector are cross-disciplinary and complicated.  We at Peacock Law have the subject matter backgrounds required to understand the technicalities of energy industry innovations, be they related to mining, mineral processing, oil, and gas, or water.  Obtaining patent protection for innovative technologies is a big part of value generation.  The varied and in-depth technical understanding of Peacock Law attorneys enables us to generate true value for client intellectual property.  The energy industry is a global sector, and the attorneys at Peacock Law have extensive experience in Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and non-PCT filings worldwide.  Whether applications are filed in the U.S., Bolivia, or Mongolia, we at Peacock Law have the experience and expertise to prepare applications to address jurisdictional nuances and withstand scrutiny by patent offices and adversarial entities.

Navigating Collaborations in the Energy Sector

Another big part of generating value from innovations is properly managing business relationships.  New methods and devices frequently involve collaborative or joint venture agreements among individuals and entities which may normally be rivals.  Peacock Law has extensive experience in drafting agreements for collaborative arrangements to bring certainty to those relationships.  Collaborative agreements minimize the risk of misunderstandings during the life of the project and reduce the risk of adverse legal action after a collaborative project has ended

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