Corporate & Contracts

Peacock Law has established itself as the largest intellectual property firm in New Mexico by providing comprehensive IP services – copyright and trademark registrations, patents, and trade secret protection. However, protecting IP assets and business profitability also requires having appropriate business agreements in place. To that end, Peacock Law also provides comprehensive corporate and contract services to help our clients with business-related matters.

Organizational Business Agreements

Peacock Law is there at every stage of business development – from startup and reorganization, to dissolution and winding up. Peacock Law provides support for angel investors, venture capitalists, and startup capital recipients alike. We also provide guidance and support for franchise relationships, as well as merger and acquisition transactions.

Our clients range from individuals and small businesses to international corporations. We develop a range of business agreements, including the following:

  • Shareholders Agreements
  • Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements
  • Partnership/Limited Partnership Agreements
  • Investment and Financing Agreements

Intellectual Property Protection Business Agreements

As a full-service intellectual property law firm, Peacock Law also develops business agreements to support and enhance intellectual property protected by patent, trademark, copyright, or trade secrets. They represent an essential element of a comprehensive IP protection portfolio. The types of agreements listed below clarify IP holders’ rights and privileges, thereby minimizing the risk of accidental or deliberate infringement of protected works:

  • Nondisclosure/confidentiality agreements
  • License and joint development agreements
  • Marketing and distribution agreements
  • Employment agreements

Joint Development & Employment Related Agreements

New technologies and innovations frequently rely on collaboration between different entities or an entity and an individual with a specific skill set. Oftentimes, these collaborations are linked to specific projects or processes, perhaps making it impractical to hire the individuals involved as full-time employees, or to execute full-scale mergers between entities.

The solution is to develop employment-related contracts with individuals, and joint development agreements between entities. Having these agreements in place allows collaboration to go forward while establishing and protecting intellectual property rights for all parties involved.

Formalized agreements help bring certainty to the collaborations between entities and individuals. Such agreements include the following:

  • Joint development agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Severance agreements

Collaboration – whether between entities, an entity and an individual, or between individualscreates uncertainty as to who owns what results of the collaboration and how the collaborators should conduct their relationship. To adequately protect the legal interests of all parties concerned, agreements must be established to determine the assignment of intellectual property developed through collaboration. These agreements include the following:

  • Intellectual property ownership clauses
  • Nondisclosure/confidentiality clauses
  • Non-competition clauses
  • Non-solicitation clauses

As a full-service IP law firm, Peacock Law is well versed in the legal aspects of our client’s business relationships. Our attorneys can provide advice and guidance on employment and joint development contracts that meet the needs of our clients, minimizing the risk of costly litigation and providing certainty to our clients’ business relationships.

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