Aerospace & Outerspace Practice Group

Peacock Law’s technical expertise and patent prosecution experience includes: Aircraft; Flight Systems; Spacecraft; Launch Vehicles; Rockets; Missiles; Avionics; Satellites; Materials Science & Metallurgy; Mining & Minerals Processing; Extraction of Resources from the Moon and Asteroids; Space Suits; Robotics; Solar Energy; Communications; and Outer Space Policy.

Peacock Law’s involvement with the aerospace and outer space industries includes: Spaceport America, the world’s first commercial spaceport; Involvement with U.S. GAO and the Creative Destruction Lab’s Space Stream Program; and Famous space clients, including the Rocket Racing League (Peter Diamandis) and Moon Express.

Historically, the aerospace industry was dominated by the government and large corporate industries that could afford the technological and regulatory complexities of aerospace innovation. With the boom in commercial unmanned aerial vehicles, the aerospace industry is becoming accessible even to small businesses. Whether in-space or outer-space, military or commercial, Peacock Law and its expert personnel are well situated to assist our customers in protecting their aerospace-related intellectual property rights and navigating regulatory complexities.

Industry Overview

The aerospace industry involves commercial and military aircraft and spacecraft, and related servicing and parts. Due to the complexity of aerospace technology, many aerospace innovations are directed to peripherals of the aircrafts themselves, such as computer technologies for command and control systems, air cargo handling systems, landing and docking systems, etc. Patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets each have a role in bringing value to aerospace inventions and businesses.

Principal Categories

There are several principal categories associated with the aerospace industry, each with its own intellectual property requirements and needs. The list below represents several of those categories.

  • Commercial aircraft: including patents, trademarks (branding), and collaborative agreements
  • Military aircraft: trade secrets, patents, and collaborative agreements
  • Satellites: patents and collaborative agreements
  • Space craft: patents, trade secrets, collaborative agreements
  • Command and air traffic control systems: copyrights and/or patents
  • Air cargo handling systems: copyrights or patents, trade secrets, trademarks

Subject Matter Expertise

The attorneys at Peacock Law are not only top-notch attorneys; we are subject matter experts – scientists and researchers. We understand aircraft engines and instrumentation. We are comfortable with air traffic control commands and air cargo handling protocols.

Comprehending and deciphering the often-complex mechanisms behind many aspects of the aerospace industry are part and parcel of the services provided for our clients. We collaborate with our clients at every stage of the process, from conception to application and/or registration, to due diligence searches and protection against infringement. It’s all part of being a full-service intellectual property law firm.

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