In the 21st century, agriculture is dominated by big business. Agricultural innovation has changed the landscape and even the food products themselves, from genetically modified foods to new drought-resistant seeds. Peacock Law has the biological and legal expertise to assist clients in the agriculture industry to obtain and maintain legal protection for their intellectual property. We also work with clients to ensure compliance with federal, state, local, and international regulations regarding their agricultural technologies and products.


Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, have been a part of the American food landscape for decades. Created in the laboratory, GMOs rely on genetically altering one or more aspects of a plant or animal to achieve a specific goal, such as resistance to certain pests. Soybeans and canola are among the most commonly grown crops that use GMO technology. GMO labeling is required in much of the developed world, but not in the United States. However, some states have passed legislation that requires labeling on foods containing GMO ingredients.

 There are many ways to bring value to your GMO business.  A patent for the GMO would give you the exclusive right to exclude others from making, using, selling, and importing the GMO for a certain amount of time. A proper trademark and trademark registration is invaluable in ensuring that your customers can identify you as its supplier, rather than imitators. Peacock Law works with clients to ensure that the proper IP protection is obtained and maintained.

Regulations & IP Property Rights

The Supreme Court ruling in Diamond v. Chakrabarty, along with numerous free trade agreements in the United States and abroad, recognize that living, human-made organisms are patentable subject matter. Since then, the law has only become more detailed as to what is and what is not patent eligible.  As innovation employing live organisms has boomed, government regulation of the related industries has intensified. Peacock Law has attorneys with the biological and legal expertise to help clients navigate the process of establishing and maintaining IP rights while remaining on the right side of regulatory requirements.

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