Whether a business thrives often depends on its capacity for growth and development.  Franchising allows entrepreneurs to build on a successful business model by providing the know-how, materials, and brand recognition to franchisees in exchange for fees.  Establishing physical facilities in distant locations can be a time-consuming and costly process.  Franchising permits a business to focus on marketing, brand quality, and name recognition without being burdened by the increased logistical costs of maintaining multiple business locations.  Numerous corporations employ franchises across the United States, including in the restaurant, hospitality, auto repair, and financial sectors. Despite its benefits, franchising is also highly regulated.  Legal requirements at both the state and federal levels require franchisors to maintain extensive disclosure documents for their franchises.  Franchise disclosures must be updated yearly and comply with both federal and state law for franchisors to continue selling franchises.

Peacock Law is familiar with both federal and state franchise laws and experienced in drafting and updating Franchise Disclosure Documents (“FDDs”).  Peacock Law attorneys represent clients with franchises across the country and understand how changes in the legal landscape affect franchisor obligations and impact businesses.  The attorneys at Peacock Law have the knowledge and experience to guide clients through every step of the franchising process to ensure that clients are focused on the business of franchising and not just compliance.

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