As a full-service IP law firm, Peacock Law has litigation attorneys prepared to protect and enforce its clients’ intellectual property rightsIn many cases, satisfactory results can be achieved without formal proceedings. However, when formal proceedings occur, Peacock Law’s litigation team is prepared and experienced in both judicial and administrative proceedings to protect our clients’ legal interests.

Our Litigation Team

Intellectual property litigation is one of the most detail-oriented types of litigation known in the practice of law, in part because the law is complex and often changing.  Our experienced litigation team is prepared to protect any type of intellectual property.  Patent litigation is particularly complex because the subject matter of the inventions at issue can be highly technical.  At Peacock Law we are not only attorneys, but scientists and engineers. The breadth and depth of our attorneys technical backgrounds enables them to master the details of any technical subject matter that may arise in the course of formal proceedings.  

Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual property litigation involves intellectual property rights like copyrights, trademarks, patents, and/or trade secretsIntellectual property litigation may involve the determination of whether those intellectual property rights are valid, whether another is infringing those rights, whether an agreement licensing those rights was breached, or the question of who owns those rights. Our goal is always to resolve litigation matters in a business-friendly manner, obtaining the most favorable outcome as efficiently as possible.  Most matters can be resolved by agreement before formal proceedings are instituted, and once formal proceedings begin, settlement is always an option.  When settlement is not agreeable, Peacock Law is prepared and experienced to handle any stage of the formal proceedings.   

Commercial Litigation

No one does business alone. Even solo entrepreneurs work with financiers, vendors, and others. Contracts and business agreements allow sole proprietors and large corporations alike to form collaborative arrangements and cooperative projects.  However, when disputes arise, the services of a legal professional are often necessary.  We choose the service that best serves our clients’ business and financial interests – with the aim of obtaining satisfactory results as economically as possible.

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