Start-Ups & Entrepreneurs

Creative minds are the driving forces behind innovations that transform industries and impact everyday life. Forward-thinking investors who provide vital financial resources are equally important in bringing new ideas and products to market. As the largest intellectual property firm in New Mexico, Peacock Law has assembled a team of legal professionals who possess subject matter expertise as well as extensive legal experience. IP is both our business and our passion. We use this combination of know-how and experience to provide legal support for inventors and innovators to protect their creative efforts – as well as for their investors to safeguard their financial interests in the intellectual property in which they have invested.

Advocating for Developers

You want to generate value from your ideas.  We can help you make the right business relationships to do so.  Those seeking angel investments, venture capital, or licensing opportunities can count on Peacock Law to advocate vigorously on their behalf. We help our clients identify and cultivate business relationships that will make their ideas come to life.  

Our legal professionals possess subject matter expertise that allows Peacock Law to obtain IP protection of and advocate for investment in complicated technologies, processes, and concepts. At the same time, our comprehension of the complexities of corporate law facilitates the negotiation of agreements that reflect the value of the effort made by developers.

Protecting Investors

The lawyers at Peacock Law can also help angel and venture capital investors identify a sound investment. Every investment poses unique legal risks, but intellectual property investments are particularly complex to assess risk.  Intellectual Property that looks valuable at first glance may be worthless due to any number of highly technical legal issues, for example, a patent application facing abandonment due to procedural error, a patent application rejected over prior art that is hopeless to overcome, issued patents or registered trademarks that have not been maintained, patents rendered invalid by court rulings. These are the things that destroy value. 

We provide intellectual property audits to identify and evaluate the condition and value of all forms of intellectual property, including:

  • Issued patents, pending patent applications and/or potentially patentable ideas
  • Registered trademarks, trademark registration applications, and unregistered trademarks
  • Copyright registrations and unregistered copyrights
  • Trade Secrets
  • Licenses of intellectual property rights

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