Dental & Dentistry

The dental industry has come a long way from the days of noisy drills and wooden dentures and has become an incredibly innovative industry with a large market.  The attorneys at Peacock Law are experienced in obtaining and enforcing intellectual property for dental technology and procedures—experience very few law firms have.  As a full-service intellectual property law firm, Peacock Law and its attorneys  assists its clients in the dental industry with everything from obtaining intellectual property protection to enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Intellectual Property Protection

Many dental innovations can be protected by patent. Attorneys at Peacock Law manage large patent portfolios of complex dental processes and devices and regularly license and litigate those rights.  We have brought a great deal of value to the intellectual property of our clients in the dental industry, from obtaining issued patents to successfully enforcing issued patents against infringers. Few law firms know the dental industry like we do.

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