Trademark Practice Group

Your brand is the face of your business. It distinguishes you from all the others. Given how much you have invested or will invest in developing a reputation of quality, your brand is probably your most valuable asset. Keep your brand yours through trademark law.

Peacock Law is a full-service Intellectual Property firm with the trademark expertise you need to clear, secure and protect your brand in trademark law, including the following services: Brand Creation and Strategy Counseling; Clearance/Infringement Liability Searches and Opinions; Registration and Maintenance of Registrations; Consent and Co-Existence Agreements; Licensing Agreements; Acquisitions; Monitoring; Infringement Litigation; Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) litigation including Oppositions; Cancellations; and Domain Name Disputes (including under Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy).

In all likelihood, your main trademark is your most valuable intellectual property. Your customers purchase your products and services because they prefer you to provide those products and services and identify those products and services as yours. Trademarks can be licensed in ways that expand your business around the world while maintaining the quality of products and services your trademark is known for.  As a full-service IP law firm, Peacock Law assists its customers at every phase of the trademark process: branding, registration, maintenance, licensing, and enforcement. We also assist our clients with obtaining trademark registrations abroad.

Domestic Trademarks & Service Marks

Trademarks are words, terms, names, symbols, and devices used to distinguish the source of goods and services . The strongest trademarks are made-up words, such as Xerox,” or words that are totally arbitrary in relation to the goods and services associated with the mark, like Apple” for the sale of computers and software. Service marks function the same way as trademarks, except that they apply to services rather than tangible products. One of the most famous service marks is McDonald’s – which applies to the fast food chain rather than to hamburgers and fries. While one may have rights in a trademark without applying for any registration, to obtain certain benefits that make enforcement of trademark rights practical against infringers, trademarks and service marks may be registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and/or with state trademark offices.  Peacock Law regularly handles trademark registration applications, which are deceivingly complex to do correctly, so as to obtain the broadest protection against infringers.

As part of its trademark-related services, Peacock Law recommends conducting a trademark search prior to proceeding with a trademark application. The search may alert you to any marks already registered or being used that you may want to avoid by rebranding, or save you money by deciding not to proceed with the registration application.

Like patent applications, applications for the registration of a trademark are examined by the USPTO and/or international offices. Prior to registration, trademark applications are published to allow others to oppose the application.  As a full-service IP law firm, Peacock Law is equipped to serve our clients throughout the entire trademark application and registration process, including any opposition that may arise.

We assist our clients with licensing and franchising their trademarks, as well as protecting their trademarks against infringement. We also provide trademark registration services for clients wishing to register their trademarks outside the United States.

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