Consumer Products

Many of the most valuable inventions are simple products that address common problems or or make life a little easier. Because the market for consumer products is often large and the technology simple, inventors of consumer products face an incredibly competitive market. As a full-service IP law firm, Peacock Law works with clients to navigate the hurdles associated with obtaining the best protection for their consumer products, the hurdles related to manufacturing and distributing those products, and the hurdles related to licensing the rights to those products.  We are familiar with how the consumer product industry works, and can lead you down the right business and legal path to success, whether success to you means reaping the rewards of sales by forming a company and selling the product yourself, or sitting back and receiving royalties for licensing your intellectual property rights to others who sell the product for you. 

Trademarks, Trade Dress, Patents, & Trade Secrets

Choosing the right intellectual property strategy for your product is an art and experience is essential to minimizing the time, effort, and expense involved.  Depending on the product involved and the financial resources available to you, obtaining intellectual property protection could involve applying for trademark registrations, developing a protectable trade dress, applying for patents, maintaining trade secret protection, or some combination of the four. The attorneys, patent attorneys, and patent agents at Peacock Law are uniquely equipped to guide our clients on the right path.

Protection against Infringement

As we always say, you know you have a great idea when others try to steal it.  Unfortunately, infringement happens, especially when your product is making waves. At Peacock Law we combine subject matter expertise with litigation experience in all aspects of intellectual property, which makes us uniquely positioned to obtain optimal results for our clients, be that in stopping infringers, obtaining damages from infringers, or defending against claims of infringement.

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