Public Safety, Security & Defense Industry

Security is of course on everyone’s mind.  Security is not only a matter of weapons, but also the security of online systems and transactions and the integrity of computers, networks, and electronics.  Such innovations are complex, and the law surrounding many security related innovations uncertain.  Peacock Law is uniquely positioned to provide guidance to its IP clients on innovations related to public safety, security, and defense, and we have been doing it for decades. 

Privacy & Cybersecurity

Between social media, online banking, email, and similar activities, a great deal of everyday interactions are conducted via networks. Computer programs and other forms of intellectual property are essential for conducting these interactions. Encryption software, firewalls, antivirus, antimalware, and antispyware programs are not only invaluable for protecting these interactions – they also represent potentially lucrative sources of income for the owners of the intellectual property behind them. As a full-service IP legal firm with the backgrounds needed to understand networks and software, Peacock Law is uniquely qualified to obtain IP legal protection for cybersecurity related intellectual property, and guard the legal interests of IP holders against infringement.

Weapons and Defense Technology

Whether your innovation is a complex cutting edge system for fighter jets or a simple personal self-defense device, Peacock Law has the diverse subject-matter expertise necessary to handle the cross-disciplinary nature of weapons and defense technology.  Likely, patents will be the primary approach to obtaining protection of your security-related invention, but often the invention or some aspects of it should be maintained as a trade secret. If you plan on selling the product yourself, trademarks will be invaluable to ensure brand recognition and prevent knock-offs.  Many security-related inventions are so complex that they must be developed by teams or multiple entities.  In such cases, nondisclosure and noncompete agreements make it possible to share technology while protecting proprietary interests and bring certainty to the endeavor.

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