Small Firm Rates for BIG Law Experience

Our business model is simple: leverage the affordable living costs of our Wild West location with our highly qualified and experienced team to provide the highest quality of representation at lower rates than our “BIG law” coastal competitors.  Our clients big and small love it.

We Treat Your Business As If It Is Our Own

We get to know your business as well or even better than our clients; an effective legal strategy depends on that.  Many law firms churn out work blind to how your business actually works or the competition or issues it faces, risking gross oversights that could make the whole effort pointless.  For example, the most useful patent claims require an understanding of what your current and potential competitors actually do, how your industry works generally and who the actors are in that industry.  We make sure we understand you and your business before we put pen to paper.

Your Peacock Law Attorney Sticks With You

We have learned that clients prefer law firms structured around the client rather than the subject matter of the case.  Many IP firms will shift clients around based on subject matter, which not only risks losing sight of the overall strategy that is best for the client, but also adds expense because each new attorney has to spend time familiarizing him or herself with the client’s strategy.  At Peacock Law, your attorney generally sticks with you through your entire journey here, getting to know your business well.  Each attorney at Peacock Law is broadly experienced enough to assist you in most if not all of your IP and business law matters.  Where experience or qualification is lacking, another attorney may become involved as support.

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