Practice Groups

While the diverse array of attorneys at Peacock Law have the backgrounds and experience to help in almost any field of technology or industry, Peacock Law has over the years grown to be particularly sought after for its experience and knowledge in the following industries. We have since created Practice Groups to cultivate that depth of experience.

Aerospace & Outerspace Practice Group

Peacock Law’s technical expertise and patent prosecution experience includes: Aircraft; Flight Systems; Spacecraft; Launch Vehicles; Rockets; Missiles; Avionics; Satellites; Materials Science & Metallurgy; Mining & Minerals Processing; Extraction of Resources from the Moon and Asteroids; Space Suits; Robotics; Solar Energy; Communications; and Outer Space Policy.

Peacock Law’s involvement with the aerospace and outer space industries includes: Spaceport America, the world’s first commercial spaceport; Involvement with U.S. GAO and the Creative Destruction Lab’s Space Stream Program; and Famous space clients, including the Rocket Racing League (Peter Diamandis) and Moon Express.

Dental Practice Group

Peacock Law’s technical expertise and legal experience includes: Bio-compatible Materials; Cad/Cam; Dental Reagents; Impressional Materials and Products; Mouth Pieces; Restoration and Implant Manufacturing Methods; Restorative Materials; Surgical Instruments; Surgical Methods; Software for Dental Processes and Data.

Peacock Law’s involvement with the dental industry includes: Licensing between inventors and manufacturers and distributors; Patent infringement litigation against some of the largest dental companies in the world; Management of large dental technology patent portfolios; and Regulatory compliance with the FDA.

Trademark Practice Group

Your brand is the face of your business. It distinguishes you from all the others. Given how much you have invested or will invest in developing a reputation of quality, your brand is probably your most valuable asset. Keep your brand yours through trademark law.

Peacock Law is a full-service Intellectual Property firm with the trademark expertise you need to clear, secure and protect your brand in trademark law, including the following services: Brand Creation and Strategy Counseling; Clearance/Infringement Liability Searches and Opinions; Registration and Maintenance of Registrations; Consent and Co-Existence Agreements; Licensing Agreements; Acquisitions; Monitoring; Infringement Litigation; Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) litigation including Oppositions; Cancellations; and Domain Name Disputes (including under Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy).

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